B&M shopper explains nine tricks to make sure you always bag a bargain in stores

A B&M shopper has explained nine tricks he always uses to make sure he bags a bargain in stores – and says other customers can save cash too.

Matt Konopielko, who lives in Wrexham, Wales, says his tips include holding out for even bigger discounts on reduced items, and asking for money off damaged goods.

The huge B&M fan also claims no shopper should be without the free B&M scanner tool.

The B&M scanner is a free barcode checker available on the B&M Stores app that allows shoppers to find hidden discounts before items have been reduced by staff.

Matt first shared his money-saving advice on the B&M Scanner and Other Bargains page on Facebook.

Here are his nine tips…

Check barcodes carefully

Matt says the same products in stores can sometimes have different barcodes – this may mean they’re priced differently.

For example, one barcode may have been reduced, so you’ll therefore be paying a lower price.

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You should check all the different barcodes to get the best price, either by using the B&M scanner or taking both barcodes to the checkouts.

Wait for the best bargains
If product already been reduced, and it doesn’t sell out in the next few weeks, it will be reduced again.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the item won’t be snapped up in the meantime, meaning it may not get discounted further.

But if it does, you could end up snapping up a real bargain.

If you’ve got your eye on something, it is worth checking stores regularly to see how quickly it is selling.

Look for white reduction stickers

Yes, B&M does reduce items in stores and Matt says you’ll usually find these with a white sticker on them.

These have been manually reduced by staff and are separate to “hidden” bargains you’ll find with the B&M scanner.

B&M scanner bargains are often reductions that are in the system but staff haven’t got round to physically reducing on the shelves.

How to find 10p bargains
If you use the B&M scanner on a product and it comes up with an error, Matt says this is likely to be 10p.

The way to find out is to take it to the checkout.

However, an error message doesn’t always guarantee that an item is 10p – but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Look for end of season products
Items that are most likely to be reduced – either on the B&M app or with white reduction stickers – are out of season products.

For example, you’ll find cheap Christmas decorations in January and cut-price garden goods in September.

What are your favourite ways to save money in B&M? Let us know in the comments.

Scan random products for discounts
Matt says it is worth spending time scanning a whole range of products – not just out of season – to see what discounts you can find.

This is because not all reductions will be seasonal goods. Sometimes it is stuff B&M has overstocked.

For example, Matt recently found a £30 Xbox controller for just £1.

Join Facebook groups
Keep tabs on various B&M groups on Facebook to see what bargains other people are sharing – you can then look out for the same item in your local store.

Some of the most popular ones are B&M Scanner and Other Bargains and B&M Bargains.

But a word of warning was also issued by Matt: “Don’t be jealous and don’t make nasty comments.

“This is putting people off from posting here.”

Be nice to the B&M staff
Matt says politeness can go a long way in B&M.

Be nice to staff and they might tell you if something is reduced, or if they know if new stock is coming in.

Matt says this has happened to him “many times”.

Ask for reductions for damaged goods
If you see a product with a damaged box, ask the shop staff if they can reduce the price for you.

They don’t have to do this, but Matt says most checkout staff are more than happy to oblige.