A Person Runs At Top Speed After Being Startled By Snake

Hair-raising footage shows the moment a snake slithered out of its hiding spot and startled a person, who was then filmed running at top speed with the reptile hot at their heels. The CCTV footage, captured in Thailand, is not for the faint-hearted.
The video shows the patio of a house in Thailand, furnished with a dining table and two chairs. A small lawn borders the patio. A few seconds into the clip, a person wearing a red shirt enters the patio and begins setting the table. However, they hadn’t spent more than a few moments on the patio when the snake emerged from the left side and made straight for their ankles. Startled, the person was filmed abandoning their table-setting exercise to run at top speed, with the snake still in pursuit.

A number of people who watched the video noticed that the snake seemed remarkably hostile as it chased the startled homeowner.

“Wow, snake wasn’t even backed into a corner. This was just pure blind rage against the dude,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

“I didn’t realize that some of them snakes were so aggressive,” another said, while a third called it a “totally unprovoked attack.”

“I just saw the snake attempt murder,” a person quipped.

Recently, a woman in Texas had a similar experience when a snake lunged at her as she walked out of her house. Chaunva LeCompte shared how she “nearly died” of fright after the snake emerged from some bushes and startled her – sending her running just like the person in this video.