Mother Rhino Stands Guard To Protect Her Baby At Kaziranga

A 54-second video doing the rounds of the Internet proves a mother’s love for her child is unquestionable. The video, shared by IFS officer Ramesh Pandey, shows a mother rhino and her calf at a river bank in Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve in Assam. While the mother steps into the river stream, the baby walks away from her. Then we hear a few birds chirping, and the noise begins to increase. Suddenly, the mother rhino gets startled, and begins to roll her eyes across the area. Then she runs close to her baby, still scanning the area as if trying to find the source of the threat. Finally, she stands guard next to her baby.
“How the mother rhino suddenly gets alarmed to save her calf, knowing that a predator is around. A must watch. [email protected]_,” tweeted Mr Pandey.

Though the video does not make it clear if there’s an imminent danger lurking nearby, the mother rhino’s sudden alertness leaves little room for imagination. So far, the video has been viewed over 24.6k times.

A video of a similar but unrelated incident was shared last month by ViralHog. There we could see an interesting confrontation between a lioness and some rhinos. The video was shot on the premises of Kruger National Park, South Africa. The video showed how the rhinos chased away the lioness as she tries to venture near a young rhino.

Another video in June showed us a mother hen putting up a brave fight against a snake that had approached her litter of chicks. The hen used its beak, claws, wings and did everything to drive the snake away and save the newly-hatched birds.