Zoho CEO’s Close Encounter With 12-Foot King Cobra In Tamil Nadu Village

Encountering a snake can be a terrifying experience for anyone, and the mere mention of a king cobra can make chills run down the spine. But don’t we all know how much Twitter is fascinated by such reptile encounters? That’s exactly why a post by business magnate Sridhar Vembu is going viral. He tweeted two pictures of — hold your breath — a 12-foot king cobra that visited him recently. In one of the photos, we can see Mr Vembu, the CEO and founder of Zoho Corporation, and a group of forest rangers holding the snake.
He captioned it, “A rare 12 feet long King Cobra paid us a visit”. He added, “Our awesome local forest rangers arrived and caught it for release in the nearby hills. Here is the brave me attempting to touch it. A very auspicious day!”

Late in 2019, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Vembu had moved to Mathalamparai, a village near Tenkasi in the picturesque Western Ghats in southern Tamil Nadu.

Auspicious or not, the king cobra’s visit has definitely got Twitter abuzz.